could this be mr. cumberbatch?? 

Yep that be The Batch.



We’re extremely pleased to announce the launch of our website,

 It’s been a long time coming from our arrival and announcement on the internet, so firstly, thank you everyone for your patience, excitement and kind, kind words along the way.

We’re writing a quick note and guide here not just to say “Woo, its there! Go look!” but also to temper and explain expectations. is very much a product of a lot of hard work, designed and built entirely from scratch with no templates, all the text our own. It’s meant to be a website that will expand as time goes on, so when you navigate over there you will find lots to read, but also at first glance, some curious omissions. Rest assured, these aren’t intentional, rather our choice. What you’ll see is what we’ve been terming ‘launch content,’ that is - lots of interesting content to get you started, and that will only get bigger.

Here’s a quick list of stuff to come:

  •  A full Guest Cast section, with every actor who appears in a speaking role in the series – or not, in the case of The Golem.
  •  A full Crew section. This nearly made it at launch, but we would have had to delay a couple of weeks to pull it off. We’ve simply listed complete credits at this time. It will be fully expanded with prose biographies VERY soon.
  • The Locations Guide will continue to expand in numerous ways. As well as further London locations and a complete walk through of The Taxi Chase from ‘A Study in Pink’, we’ll be visiting Cardiff and the surrounding area to collate all the locations that were filmed there. Also, further ahead, we’ll be doing video ‘walks’ showing you how to get to many of the locations.
  • The Downloads section will continue to expand with further wallpapers and the like.
  • We’ll be getting a News section up there which will see regular updates.
  • Links? Got a Sherlock Site that isn’t there? PLEASE let us know and we’ll add you on there!

And of course, and most importantly, the site is built so we can easily add in all the material that Sherlock Series 2 will generate across all sections. is only going to get larger as we go forward, and we hope will become your one stop shop for information on the series.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has been along with us since the start, and also to Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Sue Vertue and Paul McGuigan and the whole team from Hartswood Films for their patience and kind words when we have spoken to them about the site, and indeed, asked odd questions worthy of a Star Trek fan as a result.

Keep an eye on here, Twitter and our Facebook for further updates as we add to the site.

Right now, it’s like Christmas for us.

Team Sherlockology

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