I feel you, I really do. It's so great that you're trying, but you don't have to pretend to be happier than you are; you're allowed to be upset without having to excuse yourself. Just don't stop working at what you do, and soon enough, you'll win. And know that I'm praying for you. Stay strong <3

Anon, you made me tear a bit. I feel like I’m trying to pretend to be happy but I’m really really sad inside. Things are very difficult right now and I wanna give up. I’m so ashamed of even thinking about that but I’m thinking about giving up a lot of things. Ugh, anyway, thank you so much, anon. It helps a lot to know I have people who will comfort me… even if I don’t know who you are! :)

I really love your blog and your idea of opening it up and ugh can i just *hug*


dhfkjdhfg omg, thank you! <3

I think that helping other people is a way of helping yourself… I hope this goes well :)

Hello c: I'm sorry that you've been feeling horrid, and I just stopped by to remind you that there are people who care very much about what happens to you, and that...well, it will get better. You're one of my favorite bloggers; stay strong, okay? <3

Aw anon, thank you very much! <3 I just woke up and I’m feeling very very sick and it’s great to read this kind of message in the morning, really. Lots of love to you for taking your time to talk to me :)

cont-> I agree it's good to acknowledge privilege. For example, you (like me) are literate. That means in worldwide terms, you are a highly privileged woman because you have been allowed an education. And apparently access to the legal system as a law student! You (& I) have computer use, another amazing advantage over millions and millions of others who have no possible access. Your blog opinions thus probably have more power than the combined opinions of 100,000 women in certain societies.

And in my own country, I’m privileged. I speak Portuguese, English and French. It’s hurts me to acknowledged that I’m not only white (even though I’m more proud of my indigenous ancestry than my Portuguese one) but also very educated, despite the problems I had in life. I like to think that this privilege will someday help people. I want that to happen.

The thing is that a lot of people hate to be called out of their privilege. They think they’re being bullied and try to justify why they aren’t privileged when clearly they are. 

Nice post! 2 points: Most English dictionaries don't agree with your definition of "racism." The more common term is "institutional/structural racism" (coined by activist Stokely Carmichael) vs. "racism." Your "racism" vs. "prejudice" is a recent abandonment of his emphasis on society's role. In each pair, the first term indicates power/privilege of one race. In the older pairing, it's OK to say "racism against whites." It would be good if you acknowledge both use-pairs exist. cont->

Yes, institutional racism, that’s the term! My bad. From what I’ve read, recently when you say racism, you’re already talking about the institutionalized prejudice. That’s why people don’t see racism against whites. Why I think white people shouldn’t “steal” the term racism is because it’s a crime against minorities not majorities. As you said, racism indicates power/privilege of one race, so saying black people, for example, are racists, it’s saying they oppress white people and we both know that’s not true. White people oppressed minorities for centuries and saying now we have a reverse situation is actually ignoring the privilege white people still live in.

That’s what I think, of course, and I know a lot of social justice blogs would agree with me.

The problem is people who think the shows are sexist and homophobic can't accept others opinions. For instance, they kept sending Steven Moffat critiques. When he said he didn't agree a lot of them threw tantrums and called him names. When Doctor Who fans some of whom are women and/or gay say the show isn't sexist or homophobic they are told they are too stupid recognize sexism or homophobia or just products of broken homes or uneducated because they come from poor areas. (yes I've seen this)

"When Doctor Who fans some of whom are women and/or gay say the show isn’t sexist or homophobic they are told they are too stupid recognize sexism or homophobia or just products of broken homes or uneducated because they come from poor areas."

I’ve seen that too, anon, and it really pisses me off. Shitting on people’s opinion just because they are uneducated? Talking about a fucking privileged opinion. Just because you had a nice education because your parents could afford it, it doesn’t mean your opinion is the best one. Very disrespectful of them. It shows their so called “social justice” is bullshit. What I’m getting really pissed is that people TAG their hate. Don’t we all always say this? “Don’t tag your hate, let the tag of the show/actor be somewhere people can see good stuff, not bad stuff”. Apparently, this doesn’t apply to Moffat haters because they think the other fans need to see their opinion and agree with it. That doesn’t mean, of course, that you can’t criticize the show. That’s why you have the stfumoffat tumblr, that’s where you should post whatever you think about DW or Sherlock, and personally I like that blog, it makes a lot of good points. 

I saw the criticisms against the new episode, saying that it was not a good representation of trans*people. And then, I saw a trans*person saying that the horse WASN’T trans, it was just a fucking horse wanting to be called Susan. Now, what we need to have in mind is that when you’re a trans or gay or feminist or black or minority and voice your opinion, you’re not representing a whole community. You can’t possibly expect an entire community to agree with you. Some social justice bloggers forget about this.

Making my point:

q casa de Hogwarts vc é?

Corvinal! *-*

YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL! I want you to remember you’re sweet, nice, kind, and caring; I want you to know that you shouldn’t change, for anybody. You’re one of a kind, you’re YOU, you’re flawless, and even if you make mistakes, it's okay, it shows that you’re human; stay strong and beautiful and pass this to the first 10 people you see on your dash! x

Aw <3 thank you!

3, 9, 15, 37 and 42 (there's a lot of numbers i'm sorry hahah)

No problem haha :D

3. Favourite movie: I have so many but My Best Friend’s Wedding is definitely in my heart forever.

9. Favourite TV-character: Jack McCoy from Law and Order. He’s that character you both love and hate, and I just love flawed characters like that (I love when someone is just as flawed as I am). He’s a tough-talking district attorney and always seeks justice for people, but sometimes what he thinks is justice isn’t good for everybody. He makes both good and bad decisions through his career but one thing I absolutely love about him is how he doesn’t do politics just to please someone. Anyway, McCoy.

15. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher? HAHA what? You mean, MY LIFE? I’ve always had platonic crushes on teachers, that’s something I can’t avoid in my life. 

37. Your life 10 years from now: Wow. So I’ll be 30 years old.  I wanna have a steady career by then (I’m working hard for it, it’s THE most important stuff in my life) and getting to travel a lot. I’m like those people who spends their entire life with one person, so I hope I’ll be living with my current boyfriend with whom I’m with for almost 4 years now. I think that’s it.

42. What country do you wanna visit? That’s a hard question. A few years ago, I’d have said England, for sure. However, I’ve been thinking lately that it would be awesome to visit countries in Asia. I want to visit Pakistan, honestly. And Japan. And many countries in Africa. HAHA basically, I want to visit the whole damn world!

1, 2, 18, 36

1. Favorite band: The Beatles, always.

2. Favorite singer: Britney Spears (don’t judge, that’s bad HAHA)

18. Have you ever kissed a celebrity? No. :(

36. Favorite thing to drink? You know, I don’t know if people from other country will know this drink, but caldo de cana!

happy birthday o//

Thank you o/\o

PARABÉNS! Feliz aniversário!

Obrigada! :D


Obrigada! \o/

Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day :)

Thaank you, honey! :D 

Thank you very much! \o/

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