50 shades of grey

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oh how cute

my sinusitis decided to attack me and bring me pain

gtfo sinusitis, I don’t want or need you.

Hamish 3


“Sherlock, do NOT tell me you ate the last of the Stilton. I was going to have it with wine later tonight, dammit.”

Sherlock didn’t bother looking up from the microscope. “Of course I didn’t eat it, John. I fed it to Hamish’s hamster. It looked half-starved.”

John’s mouth fell open. “You- you fed several quids’ worth of gourmet cheese to a.. a…RAT? You are kidding me, right?”

“Basil is a hamster, not a rat, John. Don’t be obtuse.”

John pursed his lips, and put a hand up to his eyes. “Right. Yes. Of course. So this one’s called Basil? Hal hasn’t tried to launch it into space or teach it bite the postman like the others, has he? God, between you and our son I feel like….”

“Like what?” Sherlock raised an eyebrow.

“I feel like I’m a single parent, Sherlock. Of TWINS.”

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Benedict Cumberbatch at VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live, May 2, 2012. [x]

  • W Magazine: Brad Pitt says that you die better on film than any other actor. What’s the key to a great death scene?
  • Gary: Practice. I’ve died more than anyone. I’ve been hanged, blown to smithereens, decapitated, and had my genitals cut out. I think the worst death was in Hannibal, where I was eaten by wild boars. My favorite death was in State of Grace. I kind of fold. That was quite lovely.
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