I actually feel like I’m so incompetent and dumb that I don’t even fucking know how am I at university haha

That’s cool. I went from happy to mildly depressed. 

I feel like an idiot. I always feel like an idiot.

It’s funny how with just a commentary, a person can make you feel so insecure to the point of making you feel disgusted to even have lunch or dinner. Nice.


This is me, in case you were wondering how do I look like (my profile pic is small). 

I know I’m gorgeous, don’t bother telling me. HAHAA kidding. Ugly as fuck.

Once you feel insecure, it’s very very difficult to just go back and feel secure again. Self esteem is like glass, you gotta take care not to crash it, bc if you do, it’s so difficult to mend it. 

So, I’M ON VACATION \O/ YAAAAAAAAY! I did fuckiiiing great on that test and I’m so happy! Now, off to enjoy my life a bit :DDD

I think that today I did my last exam. If everything goes alright, of course… so, pray for or whatever, just wish me the best, because I need it haha not that I did a bad test, but… I just can’t study anymore, my mind is terrible by now =/

I’m so pissed and stressed, fuck fuck

i can’t stop crying. I just hate when people are dumbfucks and ugh, and just mess up with my plans

THREE DAYS and I’ll be on vacation. YAAAY! \o/

I swear to God I’ll never EEEEEEEVEEEER take philosophy classes at university anymore. I mean, I had mandatory classes about General Philosophy and Law Philosophy but this one is optional and I took it. MAN, IT’S HARD AND MY HEAD HURTS. If I could, I would go back in Germany and just kjsdkjashd in front of the philosophers. 

I’m tired, very very tired but I’ve got a lot to study. Man, the only thing I’m suuure is that this kind of sacrifice will be rewarded someday.

I’m feeling so damn paranoid now.

as fucking always. 

So, I just wanna thank everyone here on tumblr who cares about me enough to send me asks/messages, trying to help me and make me feel better about my self esteem. It means a lot to know that you guys have such a great heart bc we don’t even live in the same country! haha Anyway, I thank the day I decided to post things about me here… if I hadn’t posted, I would never know how lovely and concerned you all are :)

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